Separate and independenty operating digital tempearture controllers. 9"12" & 15"/18" Capacity.

Standard Features & Specification:

One year warranty on workmanship & manufacturing


  • Precision ground and warp resistant working platen surfaces assure perfect flatness
  • Three adjustable columns for precise alignment and parallelism
  • Auto on/off cycle timer, sets ranges from 1 second to 99 hours
  • Separate and independently operating digital temperature controllers. (accuracy +/- 4 degrees Fahrenheit at point of control)
  • 9”/12”- 110 Volts 15220V Single phase
  • Requires small floor space. Self-contained and ready for operation
  • Independent Digital Temperature Controls

9/12”  Vulcanizer measures 24”X32”X45” and weighs 472lbs

15/18” Vulcanizer measures 28”X32”X45” and weighs 1006lbs